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Organising committee

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Tina Robson (she/her)

PhD Researcher at University of Sunderland

My research is focused on the biopsychosocial impact of nature based interventions within social prescribing for those with, or at risk of, non communicable diseases. I’m looking forward to seeing the BrEPS community grow and hope that it provides opportunities to connect, learn, share and further develop the Environmental Psychology field.


Tamala Anderson (she/her)

Post-Graduate Researcher at the University of Surrey

People-place relationships are at the heart of my research investigating the psychological benefits of place attachment. With a background in architecture, I am eager to support interdisciplinary efforts and hope that through a strong BrEPS community the awareness of environmental psychology broadens.


Valentine Seymour (she/her)

Senior researcher at University of Portsmouth and Lecturer at University of Surrey

Valentine is a Senior Researcher at the University of Portsmouth and teaches at the University of Surrey. Valentine’s research interests focus on the interface between human health, policy and the natural environment, more specifically the inter relationships between various stakeholder groups and the natural environment.


Judith Geusen (she/her)

Judith is working as a climate neutrality consultant in Northrhine-Westphalia in Germany. As part of her Psychology degree in Germany she completed a placement visit at the Environmental Psychology Research Group at Surrey in 2021-2022. During this time she worked on several projects including a CUSP project examining promotion of plant-based diets, an active travel project and a project on nature engagement and wellbeing. Through her continued work with BrEPS, she hopes to keep meeting like-minded people, stay connected and up to date on environmental psychology research efforts.


Dru Hollies (she/her)

Dru has joined BrEPS with the aim to help the society attract a wider audience, and help people become aware of how the environment affects all areas of our lives. Dru currently works in a blood science laboratory whilst she studies for her undergraduate degree in social psychology. Coming from a background of healthcare science, holistic therapies and spirituality, Dru has been drawn to specialise in environmental psychology. She is aiming to complete a masters in the area and change career.


Ellis Keller (they/he)

PhD candidate at University of Central Lancashire

In my research, I aim to understand and promote sustainable behaviour, with a focus on climate perception and action. I'm looking forward to growing BrEPS in order to be an effective base for the environmental psychology community in Britain, and to connecting with both researchers and practitioners!

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Nefise Ozulucan (she/her)

Nefise is a psychologist who aims to complete a Master's Degree in Social Psychology, which would make her able to study her interest area, green behavior, and attitudes. She has joined BrEPS to help make it easier and more accessible to study the climate crisis, which is a very urgent human-induced issue, in the field of Psychology.

Lauren Bennett

Lauren Bennett (she/her)

PhD Researcher at University of Sunderland

My research focuses on mindfulness and nature interventions for reducing stress and anxiety in higher education students, with a focus on cognition and an aim to identify how the interventions could be combined. My hope is that BrEPS will develop a community of people with similar interests and provide a platform for sharing ideas and engaging discussions.

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