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Upcoming events

You can sign up to our mailing list to get notified of any announcements, and you can find information and material from previous events below.

**BrEPS are hosting a virtual ECR event on Friday 24th May from 1-4pm**
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**8th BrEPS conference July 11th & 12th at the University of Portsmouth in Portsmouth**

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Past Events

Writing Seminars

November 2022

During November, we hosted a number of online writing and working sessions. Since we got positive feedback about these sessions, we may run them again in the future - feel free to send us a message if you'd be interested in this.

BrEPS Online Seminar Series 2022

9th - 13th May 2022

Over the course of the week, free online seminar talks were given by Prof Lorraine Whitmarsh and Annayah Prosser, Dr Mathew White and Prof Sabine Pahl, the environmental psychology research group at Surrey and Dr Stephanie Wilkie and GT3 architects. The recordings and slides are available here.

BrEPS Online Webinar Series 2020

7th-11th September 2020

A week of webinars from researchers working in Environmental Psychology. Speakers included Dr Cameron Brick, Dr Ellie Ratcliffe, Dr Gerhard Reese, Dr Michael Lomas, Dr Katharina Steentjes, Dr Charles Ogunbode, Prof Emily Farran, Prof Tim Townshend and Dr Stephanie Wilkie.

Sixth Annual BrEPS Conference

16th-17th September 2019 at Cardiff University

The conference was focused on ‘Future Impact’ and positioning our work such that it might have a lasting impact on the sustainable behaviours and practices of individuals and wider communities. Keynote speakers included Dr Christopher Jones and Prof Wouter Poortinga.

Fourth Annual BrEPS Conference

26th-27th June 2017 at University College London

The conference, with the theme of "Environmentally sustainable behaviour and healthy, resilient places" saw contributions on five themes: Healthcare places, Theory of environmentally sustainable behaviour, Resilience to climate change, Healthy environments, and other research relating to any interaction between the environment and people.

Third Annual BrEPS Conference

 22nd-23rd September 2016 at the University of Surrey

This conference focused on the areas of environment, health and wellbeing (including areas such as environmental stress and restoration, place attachment and aesthetics) and sustainability (including areas such as sustainable lifestyles, environmental attitudes and behaviour and environmental risk). A keynote was given by Prof David Uzzell.

Fifth Annual BrEPS Conference

13th-14th September 2018 at the University of Surrey

Over the course of two days, presentations and discussions around current issues in the field of Environmental Psychology and related disciplines were held. The overarching theme for the conference was “border crossing/breaking boundaries”, and included a workshop co-designed and attended by staff from Natural England and DEFRA.

Second Annual BrEPS Conference

15th-16th July 2015, University of Sheffield

A conference was held on environmentally sustainable lifestyles, including sessions on interaction with policy makers, theoretical advances in environmental psychology and application to practice.

Inaugural BrEPS conference

15th September, University of Sheffield

The first BrEPS conference was held with the theme "Influencing pro-environmental behaviour: ways to encourage pro-environmental behaviour of individuals and communities".

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