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What is Environmental Psychology?

Environmental psychology explores interactions between people and their natural and built environments (at the individual, group, or societal level). Research topics include the effects that the environment has on human behaviour, experience, and wellbeing (e.g., restorative effects of nature, wayfinding), as well as the influence that humans have on their environments (e.g., pro-environmental behaviour, design).

The following are examples of research areas and topics in environmental psychology:

  • Psychology in Architecture and Design

  • Conservation Psychology

  • Climate Change Psychology 

  • Pro-Environmental Behaviour / Behaviour Change

  • Place attachment 

  • Nature and Restoration

Here we are going to provide resources for researchers and practitioners to learn about environmental psychology, as well as links to degree programmes and active research groups in the UK. If you would like to contribute or have your programme/group be represented, please send us a message.

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