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7th annual BrEPS conference

On this page, we will show all relevant information from our 2023  conference.
Get in contact if you have any questions!

Registration open

The registration for our conference is now open on Eventbrite. Make sure to sign up as soon as possible if you're looking to attend, as we've had lots of interest and are not sure how quickly spaces will fill up.

Also make sure to carefully read the ticket instructions on the Eventbrite page so that you can choose the correct ticket type.

So excited to see you there!

Preliminary programme

Please find the preliminary conference programme here!

Please stay tuned for the registration coming soon.

Decisions on submissions sent!

We're excited to confirm that all presenters should now have received notice that their submission has been accepted!

Registration for the conference should open around mid-July, updates will be shown here. 

Call for submissions/
register your interest in attending

Dear friends and colleagues, 

The British Environmental Psychology Society is excited to announce our 7th BrEPS conference, to be held September 4th & 5th at the University of Surrey in Guildford. We hope you can join us at this in-person event.


The theme of the conference will be "Building Connections in Environmental Psychology". BrEPS is a society that aims to bring environmental psychology researchers together, helping people network, learn about new developments, and get support in conducting research. We believe that we can learn a lot from each other - not just the results of our research, but also how to deal with common challenges and hurdles along the way! 


In this conference, we focus especially on challenges for early career environmental psychologists; we encourage PhD students and postdocs, and anyone else getting familiar with the field and/or academic work, to join us. We also welcome those more established in their career who are looking to connect with and support those in earlier stages of career development. 

We want to provide an interactive, engaging, and useful conference in which participants can take part, and benefit in a way that is useful to them. To facilitate this, we invite participants to submit their abstracts on or before June 11 for presentations in the following formats:

  • Oral presentation (approx.10-15 min, 5 min questions)

  • Lightning round oral presentations (approx. 3-5 min, 2 min questions)

  • Poster presentations 

  • Roundtables


Roundtables are conversations hosted on a topic or question of interest, no instruction or presentation is necessary; these are opportunities to facilitate a small group conversation.


If you are not planning on presenting/hosting, but would like to attend, please also fill out the form to register your interest so that we can get an idea of numbers. 


To submit an abstract or register your interest, please follow this link: Abstracts should contain a maximum of 250 words. Decisions will be sent out at the end of June.


We’re looking forward to receiving your submissions!

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